1Zpresso Bands Tutorials

1Zpresso rubber bands are designed to attach to the grinder for better hand grips so the grinder won’t slip out your hands when grinding the coffee beans.

Before Installation

The grinder needs disassembling before you install the bands.

Where to install the 1Zpresso bands?

The ideal location would be the top or middle body of the grinder where most of the users would grab during grinding coffee beans.

The diameter of the JE-Plus grinder is considerably large for some users.
Attaching the band on the grinder would resolve this issue.

I must admit that we were amazed by the creativity of the customer.
For instance, putting the bands onto the catch-cup to reduce damages in case that the catch-cup falls on the floor.

Do send us an image via the social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Email) to share what do you think of the most creative and effective way.

The 1Zpresso bands attaching J-Max grinder
J-Max grinder

J-Max grinder with the 1Zpresso bands lying on the table
J-Max grinder

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