1Zpresso Grind Settings Tutorial

Greetings, fellow coffee-lover.

Do you know how to read the grind setting reference of the 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder? 
Here is the tutorial for y’all to learn. 

I personally tired of carefully adjusting the grinder when there are many clicks without knowing where it was. 

All the burr in the grinder was calibrated by the 1Zpresso team to ensure maximum stability over time.
The outer ring and the burr were built through precision finishing so tolerance was expected as the first few clicks of the outer ring and the burr would touch. The constant touching will damage the burr set.

Many of you know there are many models of 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder.

How to find the Zero Settings?

It is effortless to observing the external adjustment design, where you could just notice the red dot point at.

I reckon it is easy for the internal and top adjustment design as well, you adjust the adjustment dial clockwise till you feel a resistance to stop, that’s the zero settings.

These three kinds of adjustment design share a common point on representing your grinder at zero settings which are the crank handle unable to move drastically.

1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder

Adjustment design of 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinders

1Zpresso Grinders Adjustment Numbers per rotation Clicks per rotation Clicks per number MM per click
Q2 & JX & JE Internal 10 numbers 30 clicks 3 clicks 0.025mm
JX-Pro & JE-Plus Top 10 numbers 40 clicks 4 clicks 0.0125mm
K-Plus & K-Pro External 9 numbers 90 clicks 10 clicks 0.022mm

Internal Adjustment Design

Q2, JX, JE Grind Setting Reference Tutorial

0.5 rotation = turn counter-clockwise 5 numbers. (15 clicks)
0.7 rotation = turn counter-clockwise 7 numbers. (21 clicks)
1 rotation = turn counter-clockwise around. (30 clicks)
1.4 rotations = turn counter-clockwise around and 4 numbers.
(42 clicks)
2.5 rotations = turn counter-clockwise 2 rounds and 5 numbers.
(75 clicks)

1Zpresso Classic Internal Adjustment Dial
Fine Adjustment Dial Design | JX-Pro | JE-Plus Grinder

Top Adjustment Design

JX-Pro & JE-Plus Grind Setting Reference Tutorial

0.8 rotation = turn counter-clockwise 8 numbers. (32 clicks)
1.5 rotation = turn counter-clockwise around and 5 numbers.
(60 clicks)
2.8 rotations = turn counter-clockwise 2 rounds and 8 numbers.
(112 clicks)
3.6 rotations = turn counter-clockwise 3 rounds and 6 numbers.
(144 clicks)
4.8 rotations = turn counter-clockwise 4 rounds and 8 numbers.
(192 clicks)

External Adjustment Design

K-Plus and K-Pro Grind Setting Reference Tutorial

1.5 numbers = turn clockwise to #1 and 5 clicks. (15 clicks)
3.2 numbers = turn clockwise to #3 and 2 clicks. (32 clicks)
8.6 numbers = turn clockwise to #8 and 6 clicks. (86 clicks)
10 numbers = turn clockwise one full round to #0 and 1 number.
(100 clicks)

Setting External Adjustment- K-Pro | K-Plus grinder

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