Greetings, fellow coffer-lovers.

Do you take good care of your 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder? 
Proper maintenance could prolong the life of your grinder for a long period of time.
We advise customers to dismantle the grinder once a month to perform cleaning and maintenance.
The grinder could dismantle without any helps from the tool.

Here is a reassemble tutorial for the internal adjustment mechanism of Q2 & JX & JE grinder.
You also can find the cleaning and maintenance tutorial of the top adjustment and external adjustment from our blog.
Below picture using JX grinder demonstrating the re-assembly.

Step 1:

Use your non-dominant hand to grab the top of the grinder and use the dominant hand to remove the catch cup by turn counter-clockwise.

JX Grinder

Step 2:

Turn adjustment counter-clockwise till adjustment dial fell off and remove the burr set. Take it out of the spring and the bearing cap.

JX Grinder

JX Grinder

Step 3:

Attaching the catch-cup to remove the outer burr ring by turning clockwise.

Note: the outer burr ring unable to remove without taking out the burr set.

JX Grinder

Step 4:

Take out the pc lid by turn counter-clockwise throughout cleaning. Apply some strength to detach the wooden ball.

Clean it with the brush and be sure do not to apply water to wash it.

JX Grinder
JX Grinder

Step 4.1:

There is another design of the crank handle. It needs a 6mm hex key/Allen key to remove the pc lid by turning counter-clockwise.

Crank handle

Step 5:

Put the wooden ball into the crank handle till you hear a click sound and tighten the pc lid by turn clockwise. Install the crank handle in the central shaft.

Turn the outer ring burr counter-clockwise to secure. Place the pieces in order to ensure the grinder works perfectly. The protruding side of the bearing cap consider facing upward, then the spring.

JX Grinder
There are two sides of the bearing cap,
the flat side and the protruding side.  

Step 5.1

Followed by step 4.1. Apply a 6mm hex key/Allen key to install the pc lid by turning clockwise till it tightens. 

Crank handle

Step 6:

Install the burr set adjustment dial by turn clockwise to tighten the grinder till the crank handle unable to move dramatically.

And your 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder is ready to go.

JX Grinder
Be sure to check out the rectangle shape
to install the burr set correctly
JX Grinder
An alternative tutorial for J-Series grinder on YouTube. You can CC for the English subtitle. 
An alternative tutorial for Q-Series grinder on YouTube. You can CC for the English subtitle. 

  • JX Grinder
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  • Q2 Grinder - Pentagonal Version
  • Q2 Grinder - Pentagonal Version

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