FAQ for Grinders

Which 1Zpresso grinder is right for me?

View the Comparison Chart to learn more about the 1Zpresso grinder.

What kind of burr set is installed in my grinders?​

Our grinders employ different kinds of burrs to produce the best grind for different brewing methods. Burr type and burr size affect the efficiency of the grinder and the effort necessary to operate the grinder.

What do I need to do before using my grinder for the first time?

Your new grinder is ready to use straight from the box. Adjust the grind setting and enjoy!
The more you grind, the better you’ll know your grinder.

How do I adjust the grind settings of the grinder?

[Internal / Top Numerical Adjustment]

  • Turn the adjustment dial clockwise till the lowest grind setting.
  • Turn the adjustment dial anti-clockwise to the preferred grind setting.

More rotations/rounds mean the coarser grind size.

[External Numerical Adjustment Ring]

  • Turn the adjustment dial anti-clockwise till the lowest grind setting.
  • Turn the adjustment dial clockwise to the preferred grind setting.

The RedDot pointer indicates the grind setting. Turn the adjustment dial to adjust the grind setting, it’s just like the electric grinder. The higher the number, the coarser the grind.

Or read the post to know more details.

How to clean my grinder?

All the 1Zpresso grinders are able to be dismantled without any tools and allow thorough cleanliness and maintenance lacking the need to re-calibrate the burr.

  • The grinder can be clean with a dry brush and the blower. 
  • Disassemble the grinder and clean it thoroughly once a month. It would maintain the grinding results and life-time of the grinder.
  • Do not clean the grinder with water.

How can I remove odor and coffee oils from the grinder?

Simply grind rolled oats or instant oats, wipe with a damp (not wet) towel, and dry immediately. Excessive moisture will damage the grinder.

Is my grinder applicable to an electric screwdriver/drill?

The 6.35mm electronic screwdriver/drill is applicable to all the 1Zpresso grinder, it doesn’t require a high power one. We suggest applying the drill for one or two cups within a short period of time, or it could get hot and affect the taste.

Grinds are sticking to the inner side of the catch cup and the internal adjustment dial. How do I fix this?

Spray water on the beans to eliminate static. Notes: The excessive moisture will damage the grinder, be sure to keep the grinder in a dry location.

How long is the lifetime of my grinder? Can I replace the burr?

The burr in the grinder was calibrated by the 1Zpresso team to ensure maximum stability over time, and it is expected to grind up to 300 kg beans. We’re developing a burr replacement service, so stay tuned.

Is the small scratch on the surface of the catch cup normal?

Minor imperfections on the surface of the metal are to be expected during the aluminum anodizing process. Our QC department is limited the substantial cosmetic defects.

Are variations in the grain of the wood of the handle knob considered normal?

As a natural product, wood exhibits variations in grain and smoothness that synthetics do not. These variations are considered normal and desirable.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on your product?

All 1Zpresso grinders include a one-year limited warranty under defects in materials and workmanship.

What can I do if I have technical problems?

We offer instructional videos on our 1Zpresso Youtube Channel, or you can Contact Us with specific technical problems. Provide as much detail as possible, and we contact you as soon as possible.

FAQ for Coffee Maker

Before the first use, what should I pay attention to?

Your new coffee maker is ready to use when holding on your hands, by rinsing hot water if you certainly worried, and all you need is enjoy!
Please follow the user manual steps for operation.

What’s the right size coffee grind for the Y3 coffee maker?

Start with a medium-fine grind, and adjust it based on your preferences.
Please do not use extra-fine coffee grind, if you find it difficult to press the plunger, please use a coarser setting.
It is not recommended to use blade-based grinders for the Y3, as the lack of grind consistency will cause pressure and extraction issues.

Is it necessary to tamp the coffee grinds in the Y3 Coffee Maker-Stainless-Steel Version?

The tamping process is not necessary, although doing so will likely extra extracted.
Either Y3 Stainless-Steel Version or Y3.3 Version, please ensure that the metal filter is facing the right way up.
The word “TOP” should be facing upwards when placed inside the basket.

How hot should the brewing water be when brewing with the Y3? What is the recommended ratio of coffee to water?

The recommended water temperature is around 90-95°C.
Place around 2/3 of water into the brewer to get around 50ml of espresso.
The ratio of ground coffee (in) to espresso (out) is around 1:3

How many times should I pump the plunger when brewing with Y3?

Ideal pressure is reached when a hissing sound is heard.
Alternatively, wait for 5 seconds, and pump about 30 times to get around 50ml of espresso.

How do you release the pressure inside the Y3 after brewing? How do you clean it?

After making the espresso, do not unscrew the upper basket filter cover too quickly. Slowly unscrew the cover to release the pressure into the cup.
If the cover is opened too quickly, the impact of the pressure may cause the sealing ring on the plunger to move out of position.
After releasing the pressure, the coffee maker can be disassembled for thorough cleaning.

Why does the plunger become more difficult to pump after frequent use?

If you’re finding it difficult to pump the plunger, it can be lubricated with olive oil. Under normal conditions, the plunger should be lubricated every 40-50 times of use.

Please refer to the demonstration video for instruction on how to do this.

Why am I getting water out instead of espresso?

It is recommended to check the following three things:
1. Please ensure that the water chamber is screwed tightly to the filter basket. Furthermore, do not screw the upper water chamber cover too tightly.
2. Please ensure that the silicone sealing ring on the plunger is correctly in position.
3. Please ensure that the silicone ring on the bottom of the water chamber is correctly in position and not damaged.
If the above steps do not work, please Contact Us.

What can I do if I have technical problems during the operating process?

We have lots of videos for general use on 1Zpresso Youtube Channel, or simply Contact Us for more specific technical problems, with as much detail as you can give us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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