K-Ultra grinder - Holding the grinder

Coffee Grind Size Chart for 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder

The coffee grind size chart tutorial explains how to adjust grind settings on different 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder. It covers internal, top, and external adjustment designs, providing step-by-step guidance for achieving desired coffee taste and quality.

Calibration of 1Zpresso Grinders

Calibration Tutorial for 1Zpresso Grinders

You would gain a better understanding of each grinder’s calibrations. There are three types of calibrations on the 1Zpresso grinder. The internal adjustment design (Q2, JE, JX grinder), top adjustment design (JE-Plus and JX-Pro grinder), external adjustment design (K-Pro, K-Plus, J-Max, K-Max, ZP6 Special, K-Ultra grinder).

K-Ultra grinders

1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder – 2023 Version

This post offers quick overviews of all the 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder, including the Q2 S, J, JX-Pro S, J-Max S, X-Pro S, X-Ultra, K-Plus, ZP6 Special, and K-Ultra grinder. Each grinder has its own unique advantages for various brewing methods.

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