K Series


K Series

Manual Coffee Grinder

Red Dot Design Award Winner

1Zpresso Z-Pro Series Manual Coffee Grinder, an innovative product that got Red Dot Design Award winner in 2018.
The first time ever we introduced the External Adjustment Ring design, which is intuitive and speedy to dial in for your ideal grind settings like what you would expect from an electric grinder.

The K Series Manual Coffee Grinder keeps the External Adjustment Ring design. See what else is different?

External Adjustment Ring​
90 clicks design on the visible external adjustment dial design enables a wide range of grind sizes from fine to coarse.

Stainless Steel “K Burr”
The specialized stainless-steel heptagonal conical burr is ideal for a variety of brewing methods.

Enhancing Stability of the Burr and Central Shaft
Keeping the grinding efficiency and consistency at the same time.

K Ultra Grinder

K Ultra grinder is an upgraded version of the K-Max with a unique folded handle and puffy shape.

1Zpresso K-Plus grinder in dark version

Upgraded Version of K-Max

With the classical external adjustment mechanism of the K-Series, the K Ultra has the latest foldable handle.

Rouned Edges Design

The K Ultra features a rounded body with curved edges, making it feel more comfortable in the hand.

K-Pro Grinder

K-Pro is designed to speed up your grinding with the external adjustment and 48mm burr.


With 9 numbers and 90 clicks per round, the burr moves 22 microns each click. A larger number for coarser grind size. Dial your preferred grind setting in no time as you would expect from an electric grinder; find the optimal grind size for your espresso machine and reach the sweet spot for your espresso!


Grinding coffee with K Burr no longer has to be troublesome; instead, it could be something joyful! The K-series grinders have excellent performance on consistency. Starting with a medium-coarse grind size for pour-over, you can make a cup of coffee with a clean and bright taste that is hard to achieve with other grinders.

1zpresso K-max Manual Coffee Grinder

K-Max Grinder

A combination of the K-Pro and K-Plus with a slimmer magnetic catch cup (without the blind shaker).

K-Plus Grinder with the burr set

K-Plus Grinder

Equipped with the external adjustment and magnetic catch cup, the K-Plus is endowed with a unique spirit.

K-Plus Grinder

Magnetic Catch Cup

Twist and open the magnetic catch-cup in a flash. The blind shaker design for the K-Plus fits various sizes of portafilters, making it super easy to release coffee ground.

  K-Pro K-Max K-Plus
Adjustment External Adjustment
Microns Per Click 22
Capacity 30-35g 35-40g 35-40g
Receiver General Magnetic Magnetic
Blind Shaker X



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