J-Ultra Grinder

Experience espresso perfection with J-Ultra. Featuring a unique external adjustment mechanism, it allows for an incredibly precise 8-micron adjustment per click, setting a new standard in grind precision among 1Zpresso grinders.

More Precise

Boasting an 8-micron movement per click, the J-Ultra grinder offers the most precise adjustment among all 1Zpresso models. Experience unparalleled precision for your perfect espresso.

Espresso Burrs

The J-Ultra burrs are expertly crafted for espresso, striking the perfect balance in grind distribution. With a speedy 48mm design and an advanced coating, they not only grind quickly but also make the process exceptionally smooth.

New Design

The J-Ultra manual coffee grinder features an elegant, rounded body with gently curved edges, delivering a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Its thoughtful design guarantees a precise and effortless grinding experience, prioritizing your maximum comfort.

Magnetic Catch Cup

Experience an instant workflow improvement with a simple twist, unlocking the magic of our magnetic catch-cup. Elevate your coffee brewing experience today.

JE JE-Plus JX-Pro J-Max J-Ultra
Adjustment Internal Adjustment Top Adjustment Top Adjustment External Adjustment External Adjustment
Microns Per Click 25 12.5 12.5 8.8 8
Capacity 30-35g 35-40g 30-35g 35-40g 35-40g
Weight 700g 840g 780g 775g 670g
Receiver General Magnetic General Magnetic Magnetic
Blind Shaker X O X X X
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