Manual Coffee Grinder

X-Pro S grinder

X-Pro Grinder

The X-Pro grinder boasts a sleek and compact design, making it effortless to grind coffee. Its new external adjustment design allows for easy and painless zeroing of the grinder, ensuring optimal precision and control.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, the X-Pro grinder provides a convenient and efficient coffee grinding experience.

Rotating the X-Pro S grinder


Different from the original external adjustment mechanism we have on other models, the X-Pro has a new external adjustment design which moves the burr by 12.5 microns per click and is easier to "zero" after reassembly.

New Heptagonal Burr

The X-Pro features a heptagonal burr that produces consistent grinds for an evenly brewed and balanced cup of coffee. It is suitable for use in both pour over and espresso brewing methods, delivering a light and sweet flavor profile. Additionally, its burr size makes grinding coffee easier

Swift-Disassembly Design

All of the 1Zpresso grinders can be disassembled without any tool and allow thorough cleaning and maintenance without re-calibrating the burr.

X-Pro S grinder

X-Pro S Foldable Handle

X-Pro S comes with the latest foldable handle that makes the grinder more compact and portable.

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