Manual Coffee Grinder

K-Ultra Grinder

The K-Ultra features a foldable handle and a sleek new design. With its advanced finer adjustment mechanism, you can easily dial in your preferred grind size for all brewing methods. Whether you’re making pour over, espresso, or any other type of coffee, the K-Ultra delivers the perfect grind every time

More Precise

The adjustment mechanism of K-Ultra is finer than the K-Series grinders. There are 10 numbers/100 clicks in one rotation, and the burr moves by 20 microns per click.

More Compact

With the classical external adjustment mechanism of K-Series, K-Ultra has the latest foldable handle that makes the grinder more compact and portable, allowing the grinder to stand firmly on any surface without the risk of falling over easily. The improved knob design is also easier to grip for individuals with smaller hands.

New Design

The K-Ultra manual coffee grinder boasts a sleek rounded body with curved edges, providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Its design ensures that you can enjoy a precise and effortless grinding experience with maximum comfort. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, the K-Ultra coffee grinder provides a satisfying and comfortable grinding experience every time.

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