1Zpresso Grinder Selection

Greetings, fellow coffee-lovers. Here we go again.

We consider ourselves a player-type manual coffee grinder company as we are constantly improving the features of the manual coffee grinders based on the feedback from our beloved coffee-lovers.   

I could think of the most common questions that we’ve received are:

How to choose a 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder? There are so many of them.
What’s the difference between K-Plus and JE-Plus? I am so confused!
How do I perform the grind setting adjustment?
The mystery had been solved.
How do I calibrate my 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder? Another mystery had been solved.
How do I clean and maintain my grinder? (Internal adjustment & Top adjustment & External adjustment)

There are three kinds of adjustment mechanisms for 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder, the classic Internal adjustment design (Q2, JX, JE, JS grinder), the fine Top adjustment design (JX-Pro, JE-Plus grinder), and the proudly announced awarded External adjustment design (J-Max, K-seriesK-Pro & K-Plus & K-Max grinder).

Besides, the Accessories are included in the Pro, Plus and Max tiers grinder.
We are going to reveal all the features of the 1Zpresso manual coffee grinder to clear your wonder. 


Q2 Grinder
One of the ideal items to go camping and hiking with. Nothing beats glazing over the horizons on top of the mountain while enjoying a coffee break. A friendly travel-sized grinder with a 38mm burr size could fulfill your daily pour-over coffee needs.

JX Grinder
I would recommend JX grinder to the coffee-lovers who’re mainly brewing pour-over. It has a large burr of 48mm and the classic Internal adjustment, resulting in better grinding efficiency.


JE Grinder
I would recommend JE grinder to the coffee-lovers who’re mainly brewing espresso. It is equipped with a burr of 47mm and the classic Internal adjustment.

JE-Plus Grinder
The premium version of JE grinder. The Itamill-coated burr set is 47mm and the fine top adjustment moves the burr by 12.5 microns per click. The magnetic catch-cup is ideal for brewing espresso and works well with 51mm and 58mm portafilter.

J-Max Grinder
The latest espresso grinder from 1Zpresso. J-Max grinder with Coated-Burr design and the Magnetic Catch-cup design. The External Adjustment with 90 clicks/9 numbers per rotation, 10 clicks per number and 8.8 microns per click. It is the finest adjustment which you could easily find the sweet spot of your espresso.

Pour-over & Espresso

JX-Pro grinder
The advanced version of JX grinder, sharing the same 48mm burr set except for the adjustment mechanism. The all-round grinder with a fine adjustment design (12.5 microns per click).

K-Pro grinder
K-Pro has the External adjustment with 90 clicks per round, and the specialized 48mm K Burr makes grinding more efficient.

K-Plus grinder & K-Max grinder
It has the same external adjustment design with 90 clicks per round, the specialized 48mm K Burr as K-Pro grinder, and the same magnetic catch-cup design as JE-Plus grinder with a capacity of 35~40g.

The 1Zpresso manual coffee grinders selection with the brewing method, burr, adjustment, receiver and weight

The Grinding Result of 1Zpresso Grinder

Here are some results for grinding 15g light-roasted coffee beans on Nov 19, 2020.
It might help clear your wonder about the grinding consistency, but it is not a professional test for particle distribution though.


1Zpresso Q2 grinder with the ground result
1Zpresso JX grinder with the ground result


1Zpresso JE grinder with the ground result
1Zpresso JE-Plus grinder with the ground result

Pour-over & Espresso

1Zpresso JX-Pro grinder with the ground result
1Zpresso K-series grinder with the ground result