Why Do You Need a Manual Coffee Grinder?

Do you think the coffee you brew at home is different from the one you enjoyed at a coffee shop? Your good coffee beans deserve a good manual coffee grinder that overturns the stereotype of being painful to grind forever. Pre-ground coffee beans can lose their flavors over time and become no longer fresh. For coffee enthusiasts, a good manual grinder can solve all the problems mentioned. Enjoy your specialty coffee and make it the most with 1Zpresso grinders!

What's special about 1Zpresso Grinders?

1Zpresso J series

Do you find disassembling a coffee grinder troublesome? All 1Zpresso Grinders can be easily disassembled and cleaned thoroughly without any tool. With few easy steps, grounds and ordors left in the grinder can be removed without any pain and will no longer affect the flavor of your coffee.

There are various adjustment mechanisms designed for different brewing methods. 1Zpresso Grinders enable you to find the right grind size for you your coffee. Moreover, each burr produces different flavor profiles even when using the same brewing method. 

Reddot Design Award Winner

1Zpresso Z-Pro Manual Coffee Grinder won Reddot Design Award in 2018 for its innovative External Adjustment mechanism,  allowing you to swap different grind sizes in a flash like an electric coffee grinder. We keep improving to make a grinder not merely a piece of coffee equipment but also a good company for you.

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