1Zpresso – E-SERIES

E-series grinder
E-series grinder

User Instructions

E-series grinder
Adjust the dial clockwise for finer grinds.
Adjust the dial counter-clockwise for coarser grinds.

Adjusting the grind setting

  • Turn the adjustment dial clockwise to make the grinds finer and vice versa.
  1. Install and hold the crank handle.
  2. Turn the graduated dial clockwise to the tightest with your fingers. The number (#) marked at the dot is the starting point/zero point. NOTE: the number (#) might not be 0, it could be at #0 to #11.
  3. Turn the graduated dial counter-clockwise from the zero points to the grind setting you like.
  4. There are 12 numbers, 24 clicks and 0.5mm in a single rotation.
  5. The starting point might be different due to the position of the graduated dial and the crank handle.
  6. Kindly refer to the grind setting tutorial post for several brewing methods.

Coffee Grinding

  1. Put the coffee bean into the hopper after removing the crank handle and the graduated dial. The maximum capacity is around 20g.
  2. Grind the coffee beans clockwise with the crank handle and the graduated dial attached.
E-series grinder

Basic Cleaning

Q2 grinder
  • The grinder is able to be unscrewed for cleaning the main parts. Grab the catch-cup with one hand and unscrew the body clockwise with the other hand.
  • Make sure there are no coffee grinds remaining on the threads; tighten the body counter-clockwise for assembly.

Deep Cleaning

E-series grinder
  • All 1Zpresso grinders are able to be disassembled without any tools. Install and well place the crank handle and the graduated dial with one hand. Loosen the graduated dial clockwise to remove the components.
E-series grinder
  • Remove the graduated dial. Loosen the thumb nut counter-clockwise while pushing the burr. Take off the top bearing cover.
E-series grinder
  • Take out the shaft, lower bearing cover and spring.
  • Clean each of the parts with a brush and an air blower.


E-series grinder
  • Put the components back in the right sequence: lower bearing cap (the convex side facing upward), spring and burr.
E-series grinder
  • And then place the top bearing cover. Tighten the thumb nut clockwise while pushing the burr. Last but not least, put back the graduated dial.

E-series grinder
  • Tighten the crank handle counter-clockwise with the graduated dial fixed until the crank handle is unable to swing.

Do not attempt to disassemble or remove the following components:

E-series grinder

The central shaft and the burr

Q2 grinder

The burr ring unit and outer burr

E-series grinder

The bearings attached to the hopper


  • Do not clean and wash the grinder with water.
  • Do not wipe your grinder with solvents other than water and alcohol.
  • Keep it in a dry environment in order to extend its lifetime.
  • Follow the instructions of re-assembly, ensure to place the components into the correct positions.
  • Keep the grinder away from children for safety concerns.