1Zpresso – E-Pro & Z-Pro SERIES

E-Pro & Z-Pro grinder
E-Pro & Z-Pro grinder

User Instructions

E-Pro & Z-Pro grinder

Adjusting the grind setting

  • Turn the adjustment dial clockwise to make the grinds finer and vice versa.
  • There are 6 numbers on the scale ring. Find the Red dot as shown in Fig A.
  • Adjust the scale ring clockwise to find your grind setting as the Red dot point at. The smaller numbers refer to finer grind, vice versa.

Grinding Degree Reference

Here is the recommend preference for each brewing method.

Brewing methodGrinding degreeExample
Siphon/Pour-over3.5~4.5Fine sugar-like
French Press4.5~5.5Granulated sugar-like

Coffee Grinding

  1. Put the coffee bean into the hopper after removing the handle.
    The maximum capacity is around 30g.
  2. Grind the coffee beans clockwise with the handle attached.
E-Pro & Z-Pro grinder


  • Do not clean and wash the grinder with water.
  • Do not wipe your grinder with solvents other than water and alcohol.
  • Keep it in a dry environment in order to extend its lifetime.
  • Follow the instructions of re-assembly, ensure to place the components into the correct positions.
  • Keep the grinder away from children for safety concerns.