Why is that JX grinder only marked pour-over?
But why is that JX-Pro grinder is able to brew several methods?

Customer A

Why is the price difference between JX and JX-Pro grinder?

Customer B

Is “Pro” worth more few extra bucks? If yes, why?

Customer also B

Let’s break it down individually.

Both JX grinder and JX-Pro grinder shared the same burr design, the grinding result shall be similar. 
However, the dissimilarity between these grinders is the adjustment design.

There is Top adjustment design of JX-Pro and the advantage of the adjustment is gives more click (40 > 30) as compared to the Internal adjustment design of JX grinder.

Total of 40 clicks per rotation, 4 clicks per number and 12.5 microns per click of JX-Pro grinder whereas 30 clicks per rotation, 3 clicks per number and 25 microns per click of JX grinder.

You could tell with the adjustment design of JX-Pro grinder allow you to dial in more and minor clicks for several brew methods, especially espresso.

JX grinder and JX-Pro grinder lying with the cups
Adjusting the internal adjustment design of JX grinder
JX Grinder with the burr set
JX-Pro Grinder with the burr set
Adjusting the top adjustment design of JX-Pro grinder

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