Why is that both Q2 grinder and JX grinder specified lists as pour-over?

Customer A

Is Q2 and JX grinder is the right grinder for me? My brew methods are Aeropress, Siphon and French press.

Customer B

Q2 and JX grinders are made for pour-over and it suits the brew methods like Pour-over, Aeropress, Siphon, Moka-pot, drip coffee and French press.

In short, the burr designs of Q2 and JX grinders are different.
However, it shared the same Internal adjustment design as 30 clicks per rotation, 3 clicks per number and 25 microns per click.
The capacity of the Classic catch-cup design with Q2 grinder is 15~20g whereas JX grinder is 30~35g.

Q2 grinder is considered a lightweight grinder for the coffee user who enjoys outdoor activities like camping.
JX grinder produces fewer fine particles compared to Q2 grinder.

Both Q2 and JX grinders could be pairing with the Cylinder case or the Travel case.
Both weighted less than a kg that could be a great essential for your travel companion and you.

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