What is the difference between K-Pro and K-Plus grinder?

Customer A

What are the extra feature that K-Plus have and K-Pro grinder doesn’t?

Customer B

Why is “Plus” worth more few extra bucks than “Pro”?

Customer C

The burr design and the adjustment design of K-Pro and K-Plus grinder are the same, ipso facto, so as the grinding result.

The burr design is the 48mm stainless steel burr.
The External adjustment design of K-series grinders is 90 clicks per rotation, 10 clicks per number and 22 microns per click.
It is considered an overall grinder – K-Pro nor K-Plus grinder and it could brew several methods.

The main difference is K-Plus grinder came with a Magnetic catch-cup (35~40g), which allows you to remove it in a flash.
And the bottom of the catch-cup is changeable to a more espresso-friendly feature to fits the 1Zpresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Powder Container and the 51/58mm Baskets.
On the other hand, the capacity of the Classic catch-cup design with K-Pro grinder is 30~35g.

The Cylinder case is pairing with K-Pro grinder.
The Travel case is pairing with K-Plus grinder.

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