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1Zpresso Co. Ltd was founded by a group of coffee lovers with an engineering background. From the coffee users’ view, we develop innovative manual coffee grinders with a passion for specialty coffee.

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1Zpresso 2021 New Coffee Grinder

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In addtion to Reddot Award, what else?

1Zpresso Z-Pro Manual Coffee Grinder won Reddot Award in 2018 for its innovative External Adjustment, which enables users to adjust between different grinds sizes in a flash just like an electric coffee grinder. We keep improving to make a grinder not merely a coffee equipment but also a good company of you.

Reddot Award
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Why do you need a manual coffee grinder?

Do you think the coffee you brew at home is different from the one you enjoyed at a coffee shop? Your good coffee beans deserve a good manual coffee grinder that overturns the stereotype of being hard to grind and time-wasting. Pre-ground coffee beans can lose their flavors over time and become no longer fresh. As a coffee lover, a good manual grinder can solve all the problems mentioned, also giving you the flexibility of quantity. Enjoy your specialty coffee and make it the most with 1Zpresso grinders!

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What's special about 1Zpresso Grinders?

Do you find disassembling a coffee grinder annoying? All 1Zpresso Grinders can be easily disassembled and cleaned thoroughly without any tool. With few easy steps, you can remove grounds and ordors without pain, and will no longer be worried that the grounds might influence flavor.

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What's more about 1Zpresso Grinders?

Adjustment with numbers and clicks makes 1Zpresso Grinders enable you to find the right grinds size for you. Each person has their favorite flavor even when using the same brewing method. As a result, with an adjustable manual hand grinder producing different sizes consistently, your dream coffee is ready for you every day.

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1Zpresso K-series grinders - K-Plus, K-Max, K-Pro

How to Choose a 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder?

This post allows you have brief, quick understandings of all the 1Zpresso grindersQ2 | JX | JE | JX-Pro | JE-Plus | J-Max | K-Pro | K-Plus grinder. Each grinder shared its own merits for all the brew methods.

Barista tuning the grind settings of J-Max grinder

How to Set 1Zpresso Grind Settings?

The tutorial would guide you on how to set the grind settings with the internal adjustment design (Q2, JE, JX grinder), top adjustment design (JE-Plus and JX-Pro grinder), external adjustment design (K-Pro, K-Plus and J-Max grinder).

Calibration of 1Zpresso Grinders

How to Calibrate 1Zpresso Grinders?

You would gain a better understanding of each grinder’s calibrations. There are three types of calibrations on the 1Zpresso grinder. The internal adjustment design (Q2, JE, JX grinder), top adjustment design (JE-Plus and JX-Pro grinder), external adjustment design (K-Pro, K-Plus and J-Max grinder).

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